Board of Directors

Narnia is administered by a Board of Directors, which is composed of 9 members who have a right to vote:

  • 2 employee members of the center;
  • 6 user parent members in good standing;
  • 1 member of the community

The Board of Directors carries out all necessary actions to achieve the goals that Narnia is pursuing. The Board is responsible for helping shape and create the future of Narnia. The board meets approximately 9 times per year, including during the Annual General Assembly held in September.

If you are a board member, please refer to the following documents for additional information

  1. Board of Directors Orientation Workshop
  2. 2014/2015 Board Orientation Package
  3. Ministere de la Famille: Board Member Descriptions
  4. History of Narnia
  5. Narnia Board of Directors Rules of Engagement


Narnia is renowned for its programming and is highly sensitive to the input and participation of the families whose children come to Narnia. Parent satisfaction surveys are distributed annually to ensure the families’ sentiments are being heard and respected.

All new surveys will be posted here for completion.